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Searching Tribal audit submissions

Because Tribal entities have the right to protect their single audit data, only Federal employees with approved access can search and download these audit submissions.

If you believe you should have access to these audits, contact the FAC via our help desk.

The instructions below walk you through searching for Tribal audits.

  1. The landing page
  2. Logging in with
  3. Signed in to the FAC
  4. Searching the FAC
  5. The landing page

    You will begin on the app homepage. To search for a Tribal audit, you will need to sign in using

    Logging in with

    To search for Tribal audits, you must have an account with and have pre-approved access to these audits.

    Creating a account is fully online and secure.

    Signed in to the FAC

    Once logged in, you’ll see a page for creating a new single audit. To access the search interface, select Data in the top-level navigation and click on Search audits.

    This will take you to the main search page.

    Searching the FAC

    Use the parameters along the left-hand side of the page to search single audit submissions. If you are signed in and have the proper access to view Tribal audits, these will appear in the results along with non-Tribal audits.

    If you are signed in and don’t see the Tribal audits you expect, contact the FAC via our help desk.