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FAC findings updates

While audit resolution officials transition to our advanced search interface, we'll continue to provide a daily export of new submissions with findings. These workbooks will provide a summary of public audits with findings submitted each day. If a date is missing from the list below, this means no public audits with findings were submitted that day. Audits without findings and suppressed Tribal audits are not included.

About the workbooks

The workbooks below provide a summary of audits that had findings. Each workbook represents one day of submissions.

For example, workbook 2024-03-17-findings.xlsx includes all audits with findings accepted by the FAC on March 17th. It doesn't include audits that didn't have findings.

Each workbook has multiple tabs.

The first set of tabs are numbered by agency. A tab named "84" will contain all audits with findings for awards with ALNs beginning with the number 84.

The second set of tabs represent cognizance and oversight. The tab COG-93 will contain all audits with findings that have HHS for their cognizant agency. The tab OVER-84 will contain all audits with findings that have Education for their oversight agency.

The data in the first set of tabs and the second set of tabs is the same. It's two different ways of looking at the same information.

Each tab in the workbook has the following columns:

Findings workbooks

Workbooks are listed with the most recent at the top.